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Dracula (Oxford World's Classics) - Bram Stoker I can't help but be disappointed with this read. I like vampire stories and ever since the vampire figure became so popular I've been curious about Bram Stoker's "Dracula", as it is said to be the origin of this mythical and horrific creature. But Stoker's "Dracula", despite it's originality, just wasn't enough for me.
I loved the way the author chose to write the story, with journals and news excerpts. The beginning was fantastic and I got into the story really fast. However, when Jonathan Harker manages to run away from Castle Dracula the Count never appears directly in the all story until the very end, and still, it was a poor and short appearance! This frustrated me a lot.
Van Helsing and Dr. Seward kept me interested enough until the middle of the book, and so did Lucy's transformation and Reinfield's mysterious behaviour. But after that, when the group gathers together and finally understands what they're dealing with and prepare a hunt for the vampire, the story became a little boring. Mina is a great character, but all the repetitive words of praise to her character started to bore me, and so did Van Helsing's encouragements and conclusions. No to mention the ending! We have this grand search and hunt for the Count and then there's no final battle that's worth to be called a battle.
Anyway... I do not regret reading "Dracula" and I would read it again for it's value as a literary classic. I now think that it was these blank spots in the story that gave room to all the imaginary that came after the book. Nevertheless, I expected something so much better that I can't help but be thoroughly disappointed. Still, I'm off to watch the 1992 movie adaptation, with Gary Oldman. :)