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The Leopard Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt Almost, almost, almost 4 stars.
I really liked the story, but not as much as "The Raven Prince". Loved the fact that Harry was just a normal guy, not extremely handsome or perfect in his looks (it seems to be a trade mark in this trilogy...none of the leading men has a perfect look and I just just love it! it's kind of refreshing to not read about absolutely dazzling perfectly good looking heroes and heroines). Also loved that Georgina was a strong and independent woman with her own mind. Loved the fact that Harry was a commoner and she was an aristocrat, yet completely free from rank prejudices. They were great together and the secondary characters were quite amazing too (loved Bennet Granville and Tiggle...and Georgina's brother's). The fairytale story that kind of goes with the characters storyline was alsogreat. I found the mystery of the poisoned sheep and the murder of the old woman really interesting, the secret of Harry's family and it's own troubled past and the hateful Silas Granville was interesting too...in a hateful kind of way. The death sheep and the mysterious poisoner plot kind of balanced the book....
But I felt that past the middle of the it the love story fell in some kind of boring routine whether Harry or George will not know what to do with their relationship and they would all go around and find the same excuses to not be together, over and over again. Sometimes I just fell like yelling to them: "Just accept it, damn it! It's that obvious that you both love each other, so stop mumbling about what can go wrong or what others might think or say!". Also, I felt the end was also a little hasty. But still, I really, really enjoyed it! Despite the little things that bugged me, it was a non-stop read that I definitely recommend to historical romance addicts like me.