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The Serpent Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt When I found out that Iddesleigh would be the male protagonist of the third book in the series, I seriously doubted that I would like the book. A hero who wears shoes with red heels? And wigs? What's with the powdered wigs fashion on men? No to mention the clothing with gold and silver embroidery... I took him for a presumptuous and vain man! I liked his wits and humour, but still...red heels in a man... Not my kind of hero. Nevertheless, I wanted to read it because Lucy seemed to be my kind of heroine, and I was intrigued.

Well, I loved the book. Simon turned out to be much deeper that I first thought and the story was full of light and darkness. Sometimes it made me laugh, and sometimes it almost made me cry. Simon reminded me of Edmund Dante, his quest for vengeance that almost lead to his death. Lucy was a strong woman, that could see past the mask Simon hid himself behind. Their story is so, so beautiful and touching. Plus, there's all the extra fairy tale storyline! This one reminded me of Cinderella. I really, really enjoyed the book. This was probably the best historical romance trilogy I've ever read. Still have to read the Bridgerton series from Mrs. Quinn, who everyone says it's the best, but until then...I recommend this trilogy with any doubt.